"Rain On Me" Scented Candles
"Rain On Me" Scented Candles

"Rain On Me" Scented Candles

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There is a season which no one can change. The season is rain.  Scientifically, it can be predicted, but it cannot be changed. One of God’s greatest gift to man is rain.  Symbolically, when the showers of blessings locate you, it take you away from dryness and to restoration. It washes your body thoroughly from sin.  Rain washes, cleanses, renews, refreshes and restores. The sound of train should cause praise to God. It symbolizes His care and His abundance. 


Has notes of bergamot, cantaloupe, red apple, geranium, dewy rose, woods, forest, and musk.

Candle: Soy Blend

Size: 8 oz

Should be used in small to medium area for optimal scent throw